RetroUnlim LIVE!

Last night, I was invited to take part in a RetroUnlim Live show, hosted by Novabug; whom retro gaming fans will know well from his hit YouTube shows.

RetroUnlim is a brilliant site that pulls together a massive amount of retro-themed YouTube channels into one site. The GameHammer channel was invited to join the site a few months ago; which was a big honour.

The show was long but a lot of fun and I’m honoured to have been invited to take part. The show is Not Safe For Work due to a few sweary points but the comments section seemed to enjoy it and I’m pleased with how well it went over.

The show was ostensibly about the Amstrad CPC and we did discuss that machine for quite some time; talking about our personal experiences and also some of its more popular games. Definitely something worth discussing, I’m sure you will agree – the Amstrad CPC is the unsung hero of the 8-bit generation, after all.

Other topics covered during the stream include the effect the ZX Spectrum had on gaming as a whole; how “Uncle Clive” Sinclair wasn’t quite as pleasant as he tried to make out; and… ummm… musicals.

No, I don’t know why either.

Hopefully we’ll all get a chance to do this again some time. It was a lot of fun.

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