GameHammer Live Game Coding (Part 4)

Some days, you don’t make much progress forward in terms of the plot of a game but you do make a lot of enhancements to the back end of the game code. That’s what happened in today’s episode of GameHammer Live Game Coding.

This week we added in some important commands that are really necessary for players to fully enjoy the game: SAVE and LOAD. Now players don’t have to retrace all their steps when coming back to a game before they can make further progress.

We also ended up doing a lot of spelling correction on the flags% array in the game. This is important because flags% holds all the information on whether the player has made key progress to a number of puzzles within the game itself. Without getting all of that right, the game won’t be playable.

So we may not have made progress on adding extra puzzles but we have definitely made the game playable; and that’s worth a lot.

As always, you can download the game code as it stands at the end of the episode by clicking here.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

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