GameHammer Live Game Coding (Episode 8)

This week’s episode is a roller coaster of bug fixing, new bugs and fixing those new bugs but there’s good progress on the game. We even had a big issue with the CPC thinking it had run out of memory! That’s going to be a big problem as we go forward in this series, because there is now only 11k of RAM left for us to use if the game is going to be CPC 464/664 compatible.

Now we are in the final stages, or at least that’s the plan. In Episode 9 there should be a lot of movement toward the final puzzles for the game; which will be a lot of fun.

As always, you can download the code for the game as it stands at the end of the episode by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

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