GameHammer Live Game Coding (Episode 10)

In this longer than usual episode, I have to tangle with the fact that in Episode 9 we actually ran out of memory on the CPC 6128. That means this week’s episode has to involve a lot of tweaks to try to grab a few extra bytes of RAM back if I’m going to be able to complete the game.

Finishing this game was an amazing feeling. It’s the first text adventure I have completed writing in BASIC, my previous finished efforts were all in Graphic Adventure Creator. It’s a great feeling to have written a game entirely from scratch.

I am so immensely grateful to everyone who has come along to these live streams to watch how I’ve made on with the coding; to give advice; or just to hang out and chat with the other people watching the show. You’ve all made this possible. Thank you.

As always, you can download the code as it stood at the end of the episode by clicking here. This time however, it’s the complete game. To run it, just load the disk image into your CPC or CPC emulator and type RUN”DISC” then press return.

I hope you enjoy the game as much as I’ve enjoyed coding it.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger and entrepreneur. Creator of Britain's first web comic.

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