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I’m so immensely happy that GameHammer Live Game Coding has been so warmly received. It has been an absolute pleasure to hang out with everyone who has come to the stream to chat while I coded The Arbiter: Episode 1 in Locomotive BASIC on an Amstrad CPC 6128.

I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks about whether to continue the live streams once The Arbiter was completed and I’ve decided that I do have the time and the ability to keep going. That’s why from this Sunday, I will be making a new game – but this time, it will be in 3D!

Using 3D Construction Kit on an Amstrad CPC is far more intensive than writing a text adventure in BASIC. The program is a little slow and clunky but the end result is a lovely 3D game. I’ve only ever completed one game in 3D Construction Kit but that shouldn’t prove to be too big a problem because when I started on The Arbiter, I had never completed a full text adventure in BASIC before (I’d always written my old adventure games in Graphic Adventure Creator). So this should be a fun challenge!

That’s why this Sunday I’ll begin work on Dirk Headstrong and the Martian Madness! It’s a shlock B-Movie title because that’s the style I’m going for with this new game.

You’ll play as Sgt. Dirk Headstrong, space jockey. He’s been assigned to the Mars Base but when he gets there, everyone’s gone! Now he must uncover the secret of the Martian Madness and find enough fuel to power his ship so he can escape!

Coding begins on Sunday 16th June 2019 at 8PM UK Time – live on YouTube!

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