5 Games I Dislike

There are games for everyone these days and that’s a great thing. You will be able to find a game you not only enjoy but absolutely adore playing – but that means the opposite will also be true. Because games exist that cater to all tastes and desires, there will be games that really don’t fit at all with your personal tastes.

That’s where the retro response video series on 5 Games I Dislike comes in. This is a series of video responses to Dave Birdsall’s Retro Game Series I Hate video; in which he lists his personal pet hates and invites others to respond.

Although Dave is absolutely wrong and bad for hating on the mighty Dizzy (it’s a scientific fact that Dizzy is awesome), he did start a brilliant conversation that highlights just how diverse gaming has become over the decades. That’s a good thing – it’s healthy for people to not all like the same things, it brings in fresh new ideas and perspectives.

So which games do you hate – and why?

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger and entrepreneur. Creator of Britain's first web comic.

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