CPCine Episode 9

CPCine, the Amstrad CPC Video Magazine, is a documentary series charting the life of the Amstrad CPC range of computers; beginning with the announcement of the system in April 1984 and eventually ending with a look at the CPC in the modern day.

New episodes are released monthly and each episode tackles a month in the life of the machines. This month we have a packed release schedule and lots of games to take look at! So let’s get straight to the contents list:

  • 01:53 News
  • 10:29 New Releases
  • 31:43 Charts
  • 33:14 Review: World Series Baseball
  • 35:42 Review: Pinball Wizard
  • 38:33 Type-in Review: Galaxians
  • 41:25 Type-in Review: Destroyer
  • 43:35 Feature: The MERGE Command
  • 48:54 New Game Review: Jarlac
  • 51:07 Final Thoughts

The two type-in games reviewed in the show can be downloaded by clicking on the links:

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