Roland Goes Rescuing 2 – New Amstrad CPC Game!

GameHammer is proud to present its latest game, Roland Goes Rescuing 2, for the Amstrad CPC range of computers. Coded live on YouTube by Zoë Kirk-Robinson, it is an action platformer in the style of the classic CPC game, Roland In Time.

Roland, how do you always get yourself into situations like these?

You play as Roland, a hapless assistant to Father Christmas, who is tasked with rescuing all the gifts Santa had planned to deliver to the good little girls and boys of the world. Why does Roland have to do this? Because the naughty goblins have stolen all the presents!

Guide Roland around all the weird and wonderful locations in the game to collect the gifts so Santa can deliver them. If you fail, Christmas is ruined – but don’t worry, you’ll be able to try again because it’s only a game… isn’t it?

Roland Goes Rescuing 2 is a sequel to a small BASIC game Zoë wrote during the last Christmas period. This version was built using the amazing Arcade Game Developer software by Jonathan Cauldwell; plus the addition of a small game loader written in BASIC to make everything flow together.

The game features 22 rooms, 54 gifts to collect and multiple enemy types to avoid. It’s designed to be tricky but not impossible to complete; so you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained over the festive period.