GameHammer Classic Gaming is the retro gaming electronic magazine spin-off from the GameHammer YouTube channel. This is the home of in-depth looks at topics from retro gaming; some of which would fit on the YouTube channel but some of which would not.

The website began when it felt to many people that retro gaming wasn’t being covered in the same amount of depth and with the same amount of passion as the gaming magazines of old. Back when retro gaming was current gaming, magazines felt like communities – you were part of the gang if you read the magazine; not part of an audience that was simple being lectured to.

When magazines felt like you were part of the conversation, they were great. When magazines feel like you’re being talked at, they aren’t. GameHammer wants to make you feel part of the conversation. This is the place for you to enjoy retro gaming.

Pull up a chair and let’s get right into it.