PS2 Quick Reviews: 0-9

Several PlayStation 2 games were released with titles beginning with either a number or punctuation (I’m looking at you, dot hack!). Here are quick reviews of each of those games in the GameHammer collection, for your reading pleasure.

.hack // Infection


.hack // Mutation


.hack // Outbreak


.hack // Quarantine


007: Quantum of Solace


10 Pin: Champions Alley


18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Some games are built from the start to become classics and this is one of them. While it’s best experienced using a steering wheel controller and some pedals (a setup that makes this game an extremely popular attraction at parties), it’s also a lot of fun to play with the standard DualShock 2 controller.

Essentially, this is a racing game with trucks instead of cars. However, it’s a typical Sega take on arcade racing and it comes hot on the heels of their Crazy Taxi franchise, so you know it will have quirks. These involve getting to the finish line before your rival; and getting there without damaging your cargo. Both of these are harder than they sound.

We at GameHammer have been playing this game since it was in the arcades and we haven’t tired of it one bit. The PS2 version is an excellent port that retains all the fun and high-adrenaline action of the arcade original.

187 Ride or Die


1945 I & II The Arcade Games

Some of the greatest vertically-scrolling shoot-’em-up games of the early arcade era were released on the PS2 for a budget price. 1945 (also known as Strikers 1945) are both excellent games which are essentially conversions to the PlayStation 2 of the same release from the Sega Saturn. If you have that release, you don’t need this one. If you don’t have that one, get this. It’s excellent.

Both games can be selected from the start, so you don’t need to worry about unlocking them. The DualShock controller works exceptionally well for emulating the original arcade controllers and if you have an arcade stick available to you, it will perfect the feel of playing the original game.

Just try not to get sucked in by the “just one more continue” factor because you can ruin your enjoyment all to easily by abusing the fact that you can simply keep giving yourself infinite continues, in order to complete each game in one sitting.

An excellent rendition of two absolute classic arcade shooters.

2002 FIFA World Cup


2006 FIFA World Cup

There were more FIFA games on the PlayStation 2 than you could shake a stick at but 2006 FIFA World Cup is one of the best. It’s an excellent mix of fast-paced, arcade-like action and the simulation style that later FIFA games began to move towards.

The action is fast-paced but the controls are very easy for a newcomer to get used to. The graphics are decent and it’s always clear what is going on during the game. Whether you are interested in a quick bit of football action or a more in-depth game playing through the tournament, there’s a lot here for you to like.

One of the best football games on the PS2.

24: The Game


25 to Life


2K Sports NBA 2K7


4 x 4 Evolution


50 Cent Bulletproof


7 Sins

One of the worst games on the PS2. If you ever played The Sims and wanted it to be more like a thirteen-year-old boy’s crappest fantasies (as well as a thirteen-year-old boy’s knowledge of female anatomy) then you’re in luck because that’s essentially what this is.

You play a sad excuse for a man and your goal is to help this waste of oxygen to fulfil his sad set of fantasies. He sucks, he has no redeeming features and the game isn’t even all that well put together.

A complete waste of time and effort.

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