GameHammer Live Game Coding (Episode 7)

Some of the largest and most complex puzzles in a game require the largest and most complex code in the game; it’s only natural. Sometimes, the largest and most complex puzzles in a game just require a lot of code, no matter how simple. Sometimes when you are writing a lot of code, it just decides to not work.

Welcome to Episode 7 of Live Game Coding; where even the simplest of code will go wrong.

Tonight is a delve into frustration, where simple problems take a lot of sorting out. Thank you so much to the diligent members of the Live Game Coding community, who decided to stick around and help me sort this problem out. We did get there eventually; only to be thwarted by another problem from a different point in the code. Isn’t that lovely?

This game will get finished eventually, I promise you that. In the mean time, you can take a look at the code as it stands at the end of Episode 7 by clicking here.

Update: I have been thinking about adding a “thanks” page to the game, accessible from the title screen, to say thank you to everyone who came along to the Live Streams and joined in with the chat.

Since it looks like there will be enough space (only just – we have about 12k left to play with and that won’t last long!) I’ve gone ahead and added that into the game between Live Game Coding sessions.

You can download this updated version of the code (The disk is called Arbiter 1 Episode 7A, for those keeping notes) by clicking here.

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