Nokia’s Snake on the PlayStation 2?

Nokia’s Snake is one of those games that everyone either played or knew someone who played incessantly. It was everywhere, thanks to being built into one of the most popular mobile phones of its time. The fact that it was a simple yet immensely fun game didn’t hurt things either.

Of course, Snake isn’t the only rendition of the old ‘Snake Game’ around. Microsoft packaged a version of it, called Nibbles, with their ubiquitous MS-DOS operating system from 1991 until its demise when Windows 95 officially took over from MS-DOS as the premier operating system for IBM PC compatibles. If it wasn’t Solitaire or Minesweeper that was eating into office computer time, it was Nibbles.

The thing is, that’s not the end of the story either. As with the old Master System from Sega, with its hidden Snail Game, Sony got in on the act by hiding a nifty little version of Snake on the welcome disc for their massively successful PlayStation 2 console. That’s right, you had a copy of Snake on your PS2 and probably didn’t know it.

Today’s GameHammer Daily video, the first of a new series for the show, explains where you can find it and how it works.