GameHammer Live Game Coding (Episode 18)

In this week’s episode, ZoĆ« constructs the room where the final battle between Dirk Headstrong, space adventurer, and the Bondak Queen will take place, deep inside the Martian base. It’s a multi-level structure and the Bondak Queen herself is a towering figure; which makes for some great visuals.

Included in today’s episode is a nice discussion on the qualities of the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer, plus a chat about the PlayStation 2 and forthcoming reviews for the GameHammer Daily show, so it’s well worth giving this episode a watch – even more so than usual!

As always, you can download the code for the game as it stands at the end of this episode by clicking here.

When the game is complete, a stand-alone version that will run on any Amstrad CPC will be made available from our Play Our Games! page as well.