New Amstrad CPC Game – Roland Goes Rescuing

GameHammer Classic Gaming is proud to present the latest game from veteran CPC enthusiast and live game coder ZoĆ« Kirk-Robinson. Roland Goes Rescuing is a 20-level action game written in BASIC and intended to demonstrate the “symbol overlay” technique for displaying sprites in BASIC.

A new Roland game for a new decade.

The game was written in a couple of hours over the Christmas 2019 period, and then tweaked in early January 2020. The game features full-colour MODE 0 sprites, custom sounds and both keyboard & joystick support.

Originally, the game only worked on CPC 664 and CPC 6128 machines due to the need for Locomotive BASIC 1.1 in order to handle the symbol sprite routines. This was tweaked in January 2020 with the assistance of premier CPC coder AMSDOS, who rediscovered an old method of generating the symbol sprites in the correct positions on the screen. The game will now work on all Amstrad CPC computers.

You can download a copy of Roland Goes Rescuing for free by clicking here for disk format and here for a WAV file that can be recorded onto cassette for use in a CPC 464 or other machines with a cassette drive. A retro, Amsoft-inspired cassette inlay is available below.

Roland goes for the retro cover style.

The game is free to modify and distribute as you see fit, providing the copyright information remains intact.