GameHammer Live!

Today Zoƫ begins a new series of live streamed gaming on original hardware; with viewer-chosen games to try out, plus a selection of her own favourites.

In this pilot episode the GameHammer has come down on:

  • Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Amstrad CPC)
  • Spindizzy (Amstrad CPC)
  • Baloon Buster (Amstrad CPC)
  • Crazy Legs (Amstrad CPC)
  • Face Hugger’s Ultimate Megademo (Amstrad CPC)
  • Roland Goes Rescuing (Amstrad CPC)
  • Electro Freddy (Amstrad CPC)
  • Wetrix (Nintendo 64)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (PlayStation 2)
  • Black Widow (Atari arcade / PlayStation 2)
  • Major Havoc (Atari arcade / PlayStation 2)
  • 3D Starstrike (Amstrad CPC)