New C64 Text Adventure in Development!

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt at creating a game on the Commodore 64. I’ve pulled my trusty C64 type C out of the archives and begun to code the game live on YouTube! Here’s the latest episode, where I added new tweaks and explained my thoughts for the next set of puzzles to add into the game; which I’m calling T2 The Adventure Game.

This is the first room of the game. You’re playing a guy who woke up hungover in a cupboard.

This is a comedy game about a guy who needs to go back to the future in order to assist in sending a T800 back in time to help John Connor. It’s still in progress and will be absolutely ridiculous when it’s done. There’s already a lot of stupidity in it and everyone who joins me for Live Game Coding on YouTube is having a great time adding silly ideas into it. I hope you’ll enjoy it when it’s all finished but for now, you can download the currently written portion of the game here.

It’s LOAD”t2game”,8,1 to play it. Enjoy!