The Arbiter – Playable Teaser for new C64 Text Adventure!

Following the latest episode of GameHammer Live Game Coding, a near-complete set of puzzles for the first half of new text Commodore 64 adventure game The Arbiter is now coded. This is now available to download and can be run from a standard Commodore 64 or C64 emulator.

The Arbiter is a complete rework and expansion of a game originally coded on Amstrad CPC during lockdown. This new C64 version features the same story but the puzzles are enhanced, there’s a lot more humour and the whole experience is far more polished. It’s a much better game now and I hope you enjoy what’s available so far.

If all goes well, the full game will be available to download soon

Download the playable teaser here.

LOAD”ARBITER”,8,1 to play the game.