New Game Demo – Roland Rescue Redux

The latest GameHammer game, Roland Rescue Redux, is being coded live on YouTube every Tuesday night and progress is being made swiftly! Now the game has reached a point where a fun little demo can be downloaded.

Roland Rescue Redux is a remake and expansion of Roland Goes Rescuing, a festive game where the titular Roland must save Christmas by collecting all the gifts that naughty monsters have stolen from Santa’s workshop. Those monsters won’t make it easy for old Roland, either!

The game features 3 “gifts” for Roland to collect and several “Gribblies” to avoid as he traverses six screens (yes, we’ve been working mostly on the game engine and haven’t added a lot of locations yet) in an attempt to save Christmas by ensuring all of Santa’s lost presents are returned in time for his Xmas Eve flight.

The game is planned to be released on Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro and MSX but right now it’s just the Spectrum that’s got a demo. The demo is playable on stand-alone emulators and also browser-based ones; which is where this quick screenshots came from.

You can download the demo as a .SNA file for the ZX Spectrum here.