New Amstrad CPC Game – Virgo 1

GameHammer is proud to present a new text adventure for the Amstrad CPC range of computers: Virgo 1. This game, written to accompany issue 1 of the relaunched Block 9 CPC fanzine, is a short adventure set on the space ship Virgo 1. The game was coded by Zoë Kirk-Robinson, live on YouTube during a few hours of GameHammer Live Game Coding.

You awaken on the ship and find yourself in quite a pickle. Robots are running amock and the ship is about to smash into a spatial anomaly! Can you sort out the problems in time to get to safety? You’ll have to play the game to find out!

The game can be downloaded by clicking here for a copy in DSK format (RUN”VIRGO1.BIN” to load the game, or access it from within the Block 9 fanzine). A WAV version that can be recorded to cassette will follow.

You can also download the cassette inlay, below, if you fancy making a nice cover for your tape.

Virgo 1, the new text adventure from Zoë Kirk-Robinson and GameHammer